Avoid the most costly mistakes most homeowners make!

Do you need to sell your home now?  Can't qualify with the bank but want to move into a house?  We can show you how to make it happen!   We help people like yourself find solutions to your specific housing needs.  We look at every situation, case-by-case, and provide counseling, education, and answers that get results!  We want to help you achieve your housing goals, no matter what your situation is, good or bad.  Give us a call today - your information is kept confidential, and our service is free of charge!  You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!  

...."We recently had some problems with our housing situation.  We both felt there was no answer in sight.  Creative Home Options sat down with us and helped us work out solutions to many of our issues.  Through their professional expertise and advice, we were given options that we had not considered before.  I truly feel that without their help, we would not have been able to get our housing problems taken care of.  Thank you, Creative Home Options, for making life easier and treating us with dignity and respect".....Rhoda & Thomas M.

Creative Home Options LLC

2641 E Uintah St #10403
Colorado Springs, CO 80932-1657

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